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BMI or Body Mass Index is a globally acknowledged, scientific method of measuring obesity. Recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), it is a simple index of weight- for- height, which is used to classify underweight, normal, overweight and obese adults along with their level of associated health risks. It is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by the square of an individual’s height in meters. The classification of Underweight, Normal Overweight and Obese according to BMI is given in the table below

Classification of adults according to BMI

Classification Popular Description BMI (kg/m2) Risk of co-morbidities
Underweight Thin <18.5 Low
Normal range Normal 18.5 - 22.9 Average
Slightly Overweight Normal 23 – 24.9 Average
Pre-obese Overweight  25 - 29.9  Increased
Obese Class I Obese 30.0 - 34.9 Moderate
Obese Class II Obese 35.0 - 39.9 Severe
Obese Class III Morbidly Obese > =  40.0  Very severe

A waist circumference of greater than 80 cm (31.5 inches) in women and greater than 90 cm (35.4 inches) in men
indicates a higher waist circumference than the normal limit. Waist Circumference serves as a crucial measure of
abdominal or central obesity, which is associated with an increased risk of developing Type II Diabetes,
Dyslipidemia, Hypertension and Cardiovascular diseases.

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