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Everyone wants to look trim and fit today. You want to hide that extra flab and have tried every little advice but in vain! With so many diets like GM diets, Atkins diet, Cabbage soup diet, it is not surprising that people get confused. You think the only way to lose that extra kilo is by starving yourself and eating less! But do you know that by starving you lose water and not fat? It is not about eating less, but eating right and in the correct quantity that will help you lose weight. At Diet Today, we know that food is only one part of the weight-loss equation. Activity, healthy habits, support — along with smart food choices

However, there is no one fixed plan that can give results to everyone! A sensible weight loss program allows you to lose weight slowly. It can range from 500gms to 1Kg per week as per the norms of WHO. Slow weight loss promotes loss of body fat instead of water loss from the body which gets regained very fast. At Diet Today the team of nutritionists will design a customized nutrition plan that works in way that your body would respond best to.

Willpower alone isn’t enough to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life; healthy weight maintenance requires a combination of knowledge, new behavioral skills and the ability to overcome negative thinking. When you enroll in the Program you’ll realize that we approach weight loss differently. You won’t feel deprived or frustrated, and with our nutritionists to help you every step of the way, you’ll never feel alone. Our goal is to help you reach your goals, and we do that by teaching you to master the art of eating well for a Healthy Mind & Body. Not only will you achieve a healthy weight, but you’ll feel better, look better and best of all, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to stay healthy for life.

Programs and packages

Manage your Weight Habits (Duration-26 weeks)- For obese individuals to provide them behavioral modifications, Nutrition Education with reinforcement by an integrated approach that combines smart eating, healthy habits and supportive environment to achieve and maintain the ideal body weight with healthy habits & weight for life long.

Manage your Weight Goals (Duration-12 weeks) - For overweight individuals to provide them Behavioral Modifications, Nutrition Education, and ideal body weight by an integrated approach that combines smart eating, healthy habits and supportive environment to achieve their weight Goals.

Manage your Weight (Duration- 8 weeks) - Will be managing extra weight and symptomatic issues like constipation, gas, acidity etc by providing them behavioral modifications, Nutrition Education to achieve their goal.

Manage Your Kilos – (Duration- 4 weeks)- Will be managing extra weight by nutrition consultation and supportive environment.