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Dr. Taru Agarwal ( Bansal)

Nutrition Consultant- Lifestyle Health Fundation, Formerly at Nutrihealth Systems ( Promoted by Dr.Shikha Sharma)

Dr. Taru is a Doctorate in Nutrition, a healthcare professional with over 7 years experience in Wellness and Nutrition Industry. Her practice is exclusive to the diet management of obesity, obesity related problems like PCOD, Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. She has extensive experience of handling people who want to lose weight and who have one or many associated problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Metabolic Syndrome, Gout, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, etc. She is also an expert in dealing with post menopausal cases, Pre and Post Natal Nutrition.

She is recognized as the leading dietician & nutritionist in Gurgaon, India and has headed several wellness projects like IOCL Nutritional Audit. She has spearheaded R&D initiatives in dietetics, training and technical operations for four years in Obesity Management with, Nutrihealth Systems (Promoted by Dr Shikha Sharma) India. Her endeavors are focused towards providing her patients the most advanced and scientifically proven dietary therapy for weight management and disease management.

She has been an educator for dieticians and nutritionist and part of research team in MNC's and Nutrihealth Systems (Promoted by Dr Shikha Sharma). She has led a team of doctors, dieticians, Yoga instructors for several years in various assignments. She has written and published several original and review articles in various national and international journals. She has been participating in various conferences, India.